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Revealing the Proven Health Benefits of Red Light Therapy.

red light therapy for workout recovery

We all know the feeling of DOMS – that Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness that hits you a day or two after a hard workout. And as much as we could

rheumatoid arthritis red light therapy

Arthritis. It’s a word that we all know and unfortunately, likely that either you or someone you know is dealing with the debilitating effects of this condition. It’s so prevalent,

arthritis pain in the knee

If you suffer from joint pain, fatigue, and unexplained health issues, this could be the most important article you read all year… We all know that prolonged stress is detrimental

NSAIDS vs red light therapy

What does your morning routine look like? Do you wake up and immediately reach for the coffee? Do you start your day with a warm shower? Do you head to

Shoulder icing

Picture this. You’ve just finished a hard workout, your muscles are aching, and you’re feeling pretty darn good about yourself. As you get ready to leave the gym, you can’t

red light therapy neck pain

If you’ve read our blog for a while, you’ll probably be fairly clued up when it comes to red light therapy, and how it works. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot