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4 Clear Modules To Learn
How To Get Back On Your Feet


The Pain & Inflammation Cycle

After experiencing a torn meniscus in his 20's, Forrest (CEO and Co-Founder of Reviiv Light) struggled with frequent flare-ups while training, and massive inflammation.

In this first video, Forrest discusses the pain & inflammation cycle, and how to start getting yourself out of this downward spiral.


Inflammation 101

In this video with Integrative Physiologist Evan, you'll learn what causes inflammation in your body, and how to immediately begin to reduce it.


Knee Care Routine

"Movement is Medicine". To rehabilitate professional athletes, we need to make sure they move. Movement is healthy and should be a part of every training, treatment, or therapy program. Join us for Module 3 and learn from Marco, Sports Physical Therapist, about how to use movement as medicine.


Advanced tactics to speed up recovery

Evan is back for the last video in our education and recovery course. Evan is going to teach you how to leverage secrets only known by the best athletic trainers and physiotherapists in the world. Learn how to better use your own body for faster recovery from injury.

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You Don't Have To Live With Knee Pain

If you're looking to get back on your feet (literally) and restore your knees, this course is for you! With tools and techniques from our experts, you'll be on your way to a healthier knee in no time. Thorugh out this short course you will understand:


What happens when you get a top level sport therapist and bio-physiologist to focus on how to solve knee pain?

Simply put, you get distilled insights on how to tackle knee pain in the most effective and safe way possible.

OUR Flagship product

From the team
that brought you the knee+

Dual-Light Technology

Deeper penetration and faster results to joints, muscles, and other tissue through our exclusive dual-light tech. Leverage the latest in LED and laser technology.

Sniper Like Accuracy

Experience the benefits of highly-targeted enhanced Light Therapy. Our unique design allows for pinpoint accuracy on problem areas for fast and effective relief.

Portable Design

Find fast relief whenever and wherever there is pain and inflammation. With our stylish and portable design, use immediately before or after high intensity training, hiking or sports to improve your performance and recovery.

Whole-Joint Coverage

Most other light therapy devices only hit one side of the body at a time. With our unique band, feel medical-grade light therapy throughout your entire joint, instead of one side at a time.

move+ red light therapy


A Wholistic Approach For Long Lasting Recovery

There is no one-size-fits all solution to knee pain. True recovery from this condition requires an integrated approach that involves attacking it on many fronts.

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It's transformed my knees, and really, my life. The removal of pain has been significant."

Ed Sanderson - Knee+ Beta Tester

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Ed Sanderson - Knee+ Beta Tester

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It feels amazing."

Justine - Knee+ Beta Tester

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